Fresh Sesh

Fresh FM 92.7 Fresh Sesh was an event done in conjunction with Station Lane and Fresh FM 92.7

The thematic included tropicana themed imagery, fresh majestic flamingos and cocktails in order to call the audience for a fun evening at the recently opened Station Lane, besides the train station.

Big Brodie Marshall

Name: "Big" Brodie Marshall
Location: Rural South Australia
Height: 6' 10"
Weight: 104kg
Finishing Move: Marshall Law

Pro wrestler and two times champ for Riot City Wrestling (Adelaide, Australia). Big Brodie wanted to re design his logo and imagery aiming to relaunch his wrestling character as a bad ass but heroic gladiator ready to kick ass.

Sarah Hansen Hair

Sarah Hansen Hair new salon was aiming for something more that just a new place to work at. Was aiming for a rebirth, for a new style that cound hold glamour and minimalism at once.


Amanda: Marriage Celebrant

Sea horses, vintage shapes and her smooth hand writing were the concepts needed to give shape to Amanda's visual identity.