Who are we?

Miss Mysa Events is Adelaide’s most exclusive event planning company made possible by a kickass team of creatives (this may or may not be an actual reflection of the truth). Born from the idea of raising money for it's mother company, Multicultural Youth SA (MYSA), and at the same time provide jobs and experience for refugee and immigrant young people. Here's a sneak peek of the team, visit us to meet our cool people in deep.

Launch into Work

launch into work

We are proud to offer not just a great service but also help the ones in need! Most of our staff are youth people from refugee and migrant backgrounds with unlimited determination.

In conjunction with Community Corporate, Quality Training & Hospitality College and MYSA an up-skill program in hospitality was delivered to them and after six weeks of hardwork they secured work in MME.



Meet Tam-Miss Mysa Events Creative Director and our client’s fairy godmother! If Elton John and Katy Perry had a love child she’d be it; she was born with glitter under her skin. Tam fancies herself a Champagne connoisseur (closet alcoholic), free parking advocate (she could completely wallpaper our office with her parking fines), rule breaker (convicted felon) fashionista (spends 90% of her pay cheque on shoes) a perfectionist (neurotic) Uber eats enthusiast (too lazy to cook) and bringer of energy and fun (we think she has ADHD). Her hobbies include eating (most often when full) exercising (only to reverse the effects of over eating) and referring to herself in the third person.



Here is Cristian, without the “H”. An omnivorous exemplar imported directly from Colombia. He’s the one who turns all the crazy ideas we get into visually-pleasant pieces of functional-imagery (A.K.A graphic designer). We don’t know how but he does amazing shit, especially when his OCD activates. He loves singing and playing the guitar in his free time, unfortunately he’s terrible at both. Despite that, Cristian may seem super shy at first but when you get him in front of a camera he does a slowmo hair flick like no other.